White Tea

White Tea

White teas are the least processed of all teas, with delicate flavors and subtle sweetness that are close to the heart of the tea plant. With high antioxidants and low caffeine levels, loose white tea is often revered for its health benefits and cancer fighting properties. Our selection of loose leaf white teas include our top selling tea blend, Meditative Mind, and single-origin white teas such as white peony and Organic Monkey-Picked White. These loose leaf teas are available in bulk, tins, and tea samplers.

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  1. Jasmine Silver Needle, Organic

    Jasmine Silver Needle, Organic

    Product Rating:
    Price: $18.50

    Enjoy the essence of night-flowering jasmine tea with the exquisite purity of white tea buds. White Silver Needle Jasmine is soft in its approach, with a natural sweetness and an enduring floral aura. It embodies the perfect balance between elegant fragrance and a lush finish. Silver Needle Jasmine may be enjoyed either hot or cold-brewed. Learn More
  2. Meditative Mind, Organic

    Meditative Mind, Organic

    Product Rating:
    Price: $12.25

    Our beloved handcrafted blend of pure white tea, rosebuds & jasmine pearls creates an experience of aromatherapy that relaxes the mind and arouses the senses. Brews into a golden liquor with a very soothing fragrance. Perfect before, during, or after a stressful day. Learn More
  3. Meditative Mind Sachets, Organic

    Meditative Mind Sachets, Organic

    Product Rating:
    Price: $7.95

    Soothing handcrafted white tea blend in with rosebuds & jasmine pearls in sachets. This combination works to enhance the light, subtle flavor of the white peony tea leaf base - creating the perfect remedy for a stressful day, relaxing the mind & arousing the senses. Learn More
  4. Monkey-Picked White, Organic

    Monkey-Picked White, Organic

    Product Rating:
    Price: $11.99

    These pure white tea leaves from Guangxi, China, steep into a light-yellow, smooth liquor and impart only the lightest buttery sweetness with a slight apricot fragrance. Buyer beware: You may find yourself in a zen state of wakeful relaxation after just one cup. Learn More
  5. Natural Glow, Organic

    Natural Glow, Organic

    Product Rating:
    Price: $14.00

    Quiet time promotes both mental and physical well being. Natural Glow is artfully handcrafted to draw you into a state of wakeful relaxation. Beautiful white tea leaves sprinkled with sensuous apricot-smelling petals from exotic osmanthus blossoms will leave you feeling renewed. Promote your beauty from within with this delicious boost of natural antioxidants. Learn More
  6. Natural Glow Sachets, Organic

    Natural Glow Sachets, Organic

    Product Rating:
    Price: $7.95

    Our organic white spa tea is now available in convenient single-serving pyramid tea sachets! Natural Glow is artfully blended to draw you into a state of wakeful relaxation. Beautiful white tea leaves sprinkled with sensuous apricot-smelling osmanthus blossoms will leave you looking and feeling renewed. Learn More
  7. Silver Needle, Organic

    Silver Needle, Organic

    Product Rating:
    Price: $18.50

    These sought-after organic white tea buds are cultivated in the Fujian Province, near Wuyi Mountain, then hand-picked at the 1st Spring harvest of the year. The young tea buds steep into a light gold infusion, with naturally light floral notes of honeysuckle with a round body and clean aftertaste. Learn More
  8. Snowflakes


    Product Rating:
    Price: $13.00

    Our sublime, single-estate white tips have a soft, white downy coating and a clean, subtle, very refreshing taste with overtones of chestnuts. This tea brews into a light, yellow liquor and has the delicate aroma of fresh Spring flora. Rich in antioxidants. Low in caffeine. Learn More
  9. Connoisseur Tea Sampler

    Connoisseur Tea Sampler

    Product Rating:
    Price: $34.95

    Let your mind wander to the far edges of the world as your palate explores each rare and limited tea in this collection. The diverse flavors, aromas, and appearance of the leaves will amaze you. Each sip will transport you to the tea gardens, from the southernmost island of Japan to Sri Lanka, then to China's Yunnan and Fujian Provinces, where the craft of tea has been perfected for thousands of years. Learn More
  10. Organic Tea Sampler

    Organic Tea Sampler

    Product Rating:
    Price: $26.95

    6 mini tins, filled with organic teas: Monkey-Picked White, New Moon Darjeeling, Assam, Clouds & Mist, Sencha, and Lights Out. Each is stunning on its own. The set offers a gorgeous variety, fit for any mood or time of day. Will please tea newbies and pros alike. Net tea wt: 4.6 oz Learn More
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